it begins

This is the third week I’ve planned meals and I’m so happy we started doing that. No one asks me what’s for dinner now, they just go look. It’s the best ever. Being asked and telling eight people every day, sometimes then being met with sighs or discouraging words, really takes it out of you. No more of that. Now it’s written down and there it is for the week, like it or don’t and you can eat it or make a peanut butter sandwich or whatever. THE END.

Perry’s first birthday is almost here! We got him a board book about relativity, a stuffed bunny, and a blue toy car. He will like these things very much. He is ridiculously appealing. I hope he uses these cute powers for good, because we are smitten.

Clementine has figured out how to scale the baby gate and go upstairs. So now that means someone has to go upstairs with her because it’s full of all the things we didn’t want her to get into, you see. Nothing unsafe, just she could make A Big Mess. So that means, instead of the things I kinda had planned to do, I’ll be chasing her until the upstairs is Quine-proofed. Gonna be a busy week.

2 thoughts on “it begins

  1. I need to get back to the meal plan. It is so nice to have to answer the same questions 32 times. I have only a quarter of the children you have, but they are forgetful and ask me over and over or Iā€™m exaggerating. But, it seems like 32 times. šŸ™‚

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