Saxon skipping and further math musing


Peregrine inspects Gilbert’s new math book

I don’t think any of these kids really need me to push them into academics. I make people learn to read and after that I tend to be hands off. However, we do go on high-tide runs a few times a year where we Do All The Structured Things! This is one of those times. Also, even though we live in no reporting or oversight Oklahoma, I do like to have things to show that are schooly for any nosy Nellies that I might need to appease. The State has an alarming history of overreach that seems to be getting worse. Even if the agency in question has no legal right to inquire into our particulars they won’t let that stop them. We were maliciously reported to DHS once, over ten years ago, and even though it was all shown to be ridiculous the worker led with, “Now, we know you homeschool, and that’s not necessarily against the law, but…”

So you’ll forgive me if I’m a bit skittish.

Gilbert is almost done with Saxon Math 5/4. If he were 10, I’d be hesitant to outright skip a book. But he’s 12, and I think he’ll do fine. He has aced 5/4, frankly, and I think 6/5 would bore him with the repetition. Looking at the placement test Saxon has on their site (which they say is not for current Saxon students, but they don’t say why) he will have no trouble going right into 7/6.

He’ll be done with 7/6 by next May. Then it gets a little confusing – which next, 8/7 or Algebra 1/2? I have spent quite some time trying to figure out what will come next, since we’re using older books. I still haven’t figured it out. But as Scarlett says, I won’t worry about that today. I’ll worry about that tomorrow. I am inclined to go to Algebra 1/2, third edition. This page has a great rundown of the difference between 8/7 and 1/2.

As for the other kids, hmm. Faith and Abby sort of want to know how to do algebra. And sort of don’t. So that means they don’t do anything. Fair enough. Bede does whatever he wants, math wise, like he does everything else. I honestly have no idea where he sits in terms of arithmetic knowledge, but I know he’s able to add, subtract, multiply and divide with no trouble, which he learned, somehow. So he’s good.

Trixie needs a bit of nudging. I was considering Life of Fred for her, and I may yet, but she’ll do very well with a more straightforward method too. She is the sort of person who gets ground down easily, so we’ll go slow. Any work done daily is more than none. I’m leaning towards Beast Academy for her.

Gloria will be working through Teaching Textbooks 3, the paper version only. Per my previous advice there is no emphasis on structure for her yet, at age 9. I just want her to be comfortable with the ideas. And Life of Fred too.

Dorothy gets continued number awareness and games. Clementine and Perry are below compulsory education age for another few years yet, so.

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