American History – this time, for sure!

I’m the star spangled mom with a plan

I’ve tried American History with the kids at least three times. We never get very far before rabbit-trailing into the high grasses. But this will be the year! I just know it! We’ll finally connect everything into one cohesive chronology. It will be done! I’m going to nudge Gilbert, Faith and Abby along with me by gum.

Gilbert will be reading

 Everything You Need To Ace American History In One Big Fat Notebook.

Faith and Abby will be reading

 America: The Last Best Hope.

I spent a good hour looking at other AmHist books but finally came back to these, because I already own them. I considered, and discarded, the following:

  • From Sea to Shining Sea. Pros: Well written, Catholic viewpoint. Cons: Too expensive, seems to meander a bit, only goes to mid 20th Century as far as I can tell.
  • Lands of Hope and Promise (same publisher as above.)  Pros: Really well written! Again, Catholic viewpoint. Same cons as above too, though this one goes a bit further chronologically.
  • Oak Meadow American History. This one I may come back to and get – it’s not a text, it’s a study guide or course outline of sorts. Sample pages here. Pro: I love Oak Meadow! Cons: My kids have mixed feelings about Oak Meadow. Also, expensive.
  • Various high school texts. Pros: Cheap, if buying used. Cons: Ugh, so hard to read with the flashy sidebars and tiny print! So boring! So oddly biased! So hand-hold-y but vague! Bleh.

Now, all that and let’s see how far we get. Maybe I’ll get the ALBH on audiobook. We’ll see.

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