homeschool plans of a sort

I have always considered our school year as starting the day after Labor Day. That’s next week, so I’ve been planning a bit.

Faith and Abby: Homeschool Connections history and political science courses. Very lowkey, we’ll be watching the prerecorded classes. They both enjoyed the workshop on political philosophy they took at ETUSC. This will be a new thing for us, so we’ll see how that goes.

Abby: Continuing math, in this case, Algebra. We stopped for a month or two, and will be switching to Saxon 3rd Ed from Jacobs.

Bede: My only utterly unschooled child, Bede will do whatever he will. Lots of Wikipedia, illustration and design work, some video production.

Gilbert: Saxon Math. He’s almost done with 5/4 and he’ll skip to 7/6 when he finishes. Possibly some history or science as well.

Trixie and Gloria: Life of Fred this year.

Dorothy, Clementine, Peregrine: Continue being cute.

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