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My phone died. I’m on Project Fi (which is okay) and Google is sending me a “new” phone. The dreaded Nexus 5X bootloop! I wonder how long the new phone will last.

It’s getting fall-y. We don’t have a set beginning or end to our school year but I usually start new things in September. I’m gearing up. Gilbert will be finishing his current math text, Saxon 5/4, in October. I don’t do it like they suggest. No tests, no extra worksheet problems. We don’t even do the Mental Math. Just the lessons. He’s done so well that I’m planning to skip a level and get him Saxon 7/6. I really think he’d be bored with 6/5. He tests into 7/6 with Saxon placement.

Gilbert and math is a good example of how we homeschool. We are unschoolers, but I still nudge the kids into academics. Gilbert wouldn’t have said to me “Mama, I want to learn how to do long division” ex nihilo. Instead, I waited until it became difficult for him to do things he wanted to do with cobbled together math. Then I suggested that he learn math systematically, and provided a text. He started in March and will be at least the same level as his age/grade peers by this time next year. They’ll have taken math for seven or eight grades though. Whereas he’ll have done it in eighteen months. Faith and Abby were similar.

OK, new day. This was in drafts and now it’s tomorrow.

Today Abby, Gilbert and Gloria are playing Timeline. They mixed all the sets up so they have death of James Dean, the invention of the compact disc, and Jamestown’s founding all in one game.

Next Tuesday I’m hosting a book club for the Edmond Secular Homeschool group! Middle grade. The kids will be discussing Minecraft: The Island. It was pretty good. I think we’ll play Minecraft card games and maybe even Minecraft. There are 3 people signed up to come.

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