"Today is the day we Catholics celebrate the life of St. Maximilian Kolbe. He was martyred by the Nazis on this day in 1941. He had been arrested for refusing to stop printing Christian magazines and anti-Nazi literature at his monastery and was sent to Auschwitz. When three prisoners managed to escape, the prison commander ordered that ten men be chosen at random and placed in concrete starvation bunkers as a deterrent to further escapes. One of the men who was chosen cried out "My wife! My children!" Maximilian, not having a wife or children because he was a priest, stepped up and offered to take his place. While in the bunker he encouraged the other men by leading prayers and hymns. After two weeks he was the only one still alive, so the Nazis injected him with carbolic acid to finish him off. (The man whose place he took was able to be at his canonization in Rome years later.)That's what Nazis do, and that's what love does." (via private share)
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