I am delegating much of Thanksgiving this year because of Peregrine. With his weight gain troubles I am constantly encouraging him to nurse, which means I am (even more than usually) reluctant to put him down or have others hold him. That leaves me stranded on the couch while I direct other people. But they are rising to the challenge admirably. Here is Trixie grating cheese, Faith washing dishes in preparation for baking. Not pictured are Abaigeal and Gloria upstairs peeling potatoes. Gilbert has washed many more dishes than he usually would, and even Dorothy and Bede will get in on the act later by chopping fruit for the salad. Little Clementine is arranging all ingredients in order by size, type, and color. Very helpful. And of course Sean made the turkey and stuffing but he does that every year and it's amazing.I will make the gravy later, but that's it. The kids are doing cookies, mashed potatoes, rolls, green bean casserole and the dressing. It goes without saying, but if course I'll say it anyway: I'm thankful for my husband and children and all the ways they make my life the way it is. Happy Thanksgiving!
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