Perry is still too skinny. Looks like that tongue tie is going to get looked at this week and possibly (probably) fixed. I hope fixed. His is very much what one thinks of when tongue tie is mentioned: a V-shaped notch at the tip of his tongue. That kind of anterior tie tends to be easier to recover from when it's cut, with very good results for the kid re: ease of nursing. And the doctor uses laser scalpel vs blade, which has less reversion or need for secondary correction.I am still terribly worried. That it won't work, that it will hurt him too much, that it will somehow make things worse. But the weight loss is terrifying. My alternative is to stop nursing exclusively and pump for bottles, and I'm willing to revise, as they say, before taking that step. I am going to pump after every feeding to keep my supply up, and I may end up going that route too. I just don't want to add nipple confusion into the mix. I'm going to get a nursing supplementer as well.Anyway, gain weight, baby boy!
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