I did lose quite a bit of blood, not unusual for me, or a ninth baby. (Happened with Faith, see below, Bede, Trixie.) I'm pretty woozy when I get up too fast, and yesterday was spent sitting down repeatedly when walking to the bathroom. But my midwife was johnny-on-the-spot about it, urging me to get the third stage complete, giving me some sublingual medicine to help, and then vigorously prodding my midsection to get my uterus to clamp down. The blood loss would have happened in the hospital as well, of course. Except they might have tried to give me injected pitocin, which I would have refused unless other measures failed. I was pitted after Faith and I think it led to a late hemorrhage several weeks later.I was ravenously hungry post-birth but even more I've been so thirsty! I drank about a gallon of Gatorade, not exaggerating. I'm a bit out of breath when I walk around today too, probably related. My recovery plan is rest, iron-rich food, and snuggles with this dude.
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