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Some math for Gilbert too. His instruction is motivated by the realization that he can’t do stuff he wants to do because he doesn’t know how to math, as he puts it*. This book is perfect for that, covering all the arithmetic a schoolchild would learn in six to eight years in four to six months of daily lessons – faster if the student wants. Faith and Abby used it with great results.

There isn’t any need to grind math into people for years. It really can be learned quickly, once you have the motivation. #unschooling —


*Gilbert is probably at about a second or third grade math level to start, which is where most humans end up without instruction. He can count as high as you like and read large numbers. He can add two digit numbers, probably three digit as well, but his subtraction skills are dodgy. He can multiply and divide about half of the typical 12×12 grid from memory, the rest he can get by repeated addition and subtraction. He has some familiarity with fractions.

The comment thread on this crosspost at Facebook is worth reading.
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