10 weeks

I’m ten weeks pregnant this week. That means the baby is done creating themself out of nothing and will spend the rest of the time inside growing and developing. Next week I have an OB appointment (me! an OB!) because I want to take a blood test to see if the baby has any extra chromosomes. I do so much better with advance notice for, well, everything, that I think that’s a good thing to do. My chances of a trisomic kid are not insignificant, about 1 in 50, because I have old lady ovaries.

Will I continue seeing the OB? Who can say. Obviously I will use any information the test gives me to make my decisions as to the place of birth. But here’s one cool thing! The test also can see what sex chromosome the baby has! So I’ll know that much earlier than we would with an ultrasound. Very exciting!

“Maybe it’s a boy, Mama! Wouldn’t that be fun!”

Maybe so. But maybe it’s another little girl!

“That would be fun too!”

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