Homebirth is the safest choice

I am planning my seventh homebirth. Faith and Gloria were both hospital births but Abby, Bede, Gilbert, Trixie, Dorothy, and Clementine were all born at home, caught by Sean. Some of them were attended by midwives, and one by our doula, and one unassisted (Trixie.)

(I have decided I am too old and too wishy-washy to birth unassisted anymore. I was disorganized and terribly anxious until our midwife Anne¬†arrived while I was in labor with Clementine. Sean is trained in emergency childbirth procedures and certified in neonatal resuscitation, so the physical side is covered if it’s just us, but having a midwife who I trust, who can tell me dispassionately “this is normal, you are a little out of your mind and not thinking clearly because you are having a baby” is what I need.)

If all goes well, Sean and I will welcome Wee Glee #9 this fall in our home, with little fuss, and life will keep on.

Home births in the UK: let’s go

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