sick of being sick

Someone has been sick here since late January. I told Melissa┬áthat sickness in a large family is like some awful version of painting the Golden Gate Bridge; just as the final person gets over the last round, someone else is coming down with something new, and it all starts again. Most winters aren’t like this for us. I guess we just lucked out this year.

So far, Sean and I have remained unscathed (touch wood.) Faith said that must be because these are all old viruses that need new young victims, because we fogies already had them. Seems legit.

So, today several children are getting over (please) a stuffy nose/ear/sinus thing. Clementine was so sick last night. Hot, feeble, panting, and coughing and crying pitifully at 4 AM. Her fever spiked at 104.8 F – which scared the heck out of me, as that was with medicine, but after doubling up on two meds came down to a calmer 102. It has since broken almost completely and she is sweaty and tired, but happy.

I hope this is the last one for us for a while. Seeing all the children so run-down and droopy is so sad. Spring is coming. The world will be green and vibrant in mere weeks! I have heard a few early, hopeful frogs in the evening already. Yes, that also means mosquitoes and ticks, and tornadoes, but dash it all, I don’t care! Come on, Spring!

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