test time

Faith, by age a sophomore, and Abby, a freshman, will be taking their first Real Test™ soon. Not officially, just at home. I’m going to give them each the ACT. 

I found four full-length ACT tests online. That should be enough. Since we’re not going for a true college entrance feel, I’ll probably give them one section a week so they can come at it fresh.

They will be reluctant and nervous, I bet. But I think they’ll do well, and getting the results will be a real thrill. No one has any college aspirations, really. Mostly they like to draw and write, which they do very well. I think they will likely do something related to drawing or writing or both for the rest of their lives. Abaigeal in particular aspires to be a graphic novelist, and Faith’s goals, while more unformed, are somewhere along those lines too.

So that will be, well, not fun exactly. Interesting. It will be interesting.

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