Between the Hipsters and the Hasids

…that starry-eyed longing for a binding community can become yet another way of surrendering to this world. Rather than living and working where we are, we dream of where else we might be. A vision of pristine community becomes yet another “option” in the endless parade of vintage, artisanal, and local things that excite our desire without demanding our love. 

I was just talking about this with my husband and, last night, my friend. I have of late been reminded of the petty nature of people, and hurt a bit by it. I joked with Sean that I was considering conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy so as to get a fresh start, but then realized there were probably just as much petty meanness amongst them as any Church. And then what?

So I guess I’ll stay.

NB: author describes some blasphemous vulgarity he encountered.

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