just a day

I’m so tired! It’s the early pregnancy exhaustion. I forgot about it. I told Sean how tired I was, and how baffled, and he said, “Have you considered that you might be pregnant?” Oh. Yeah. That’s right!

I also have to pee a lot.

Tomorrow is the primary here in OK, we are a Super Tuesday state. I’m still waffling over which candidate to vote for. I have forgotten to register out here for the last two years so I get to vote in OKC, and I’m taking the kids with me like I always do. I think it’s important for them to see us vote, see the process. They say that democracy is the worst kind of government – except for all the others. So, here’s to that!

Faith is baking cookies and listening to music. She’s very useful to have around. I recommend everyone have a Faith.

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