gratitude today


Clementine ran up to Sean when he got home and said “Hi! Hi, Daddy!” She has never said “hi” or “Daddy” before, or waved, or pointed at Sean, or anything. So, totally cool. I was verklempt

And also, today we learned that Gilbert has perfect, or absolute, pitch! So far his exposure to musical instruments consists of fooling around with a piano keyboard simulation online, so we were really surprised. We’ve just recently gotten a real keyboard with a sampling function, so there has been much goofy noise along with some attempts to make music. He said, of a sample attempt, “Try to sing that in a C, it will sound better. — laaa –” and, it was indeed a C! Further quizzing showed that he could both identify and produce any note without a reference, even hours after, cold. So that’s pretty cool too!

What a great day.

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