The Dark is Rising

We started this before Christmas and stopped for a bit but today, back to it!

The rhythms of his voice, which had been rising and falling in an increasingly formal pattern, changed subtly into a kind of chanted battle cry; a call, Will thought suddenly, with a chill tightening his skin, to things beyond the great hall and beyond the time of the calling. “For the Dark, the Dark is rising. The Walker is abroad, the Rider is riding; they have woken, the Dark is rising. And the last of the Circle is come to claim his own, and the circles must now all be joined. The white horse must go to the Hunter, and the river take the valley; there must be fire on the mountain, fire under the stone, fire over the sea. Fire to burn away the Dark, for the Dark, the Dark is rising!”

A re-read of a beloved friend for me and the first thrilling taste for the middles. One of my favorite books of all time and the current read-aloud. They are rapt.


The Dark is Rising at Amazon.

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