The question I asked before any play date: ‘Do you keep guns in your house?’

When Faith and Abby were little, before Bede was born or possibly right after, we visited the home of a family we went to Mass with. They had two boys, a little younger than my girls, say infant and 2 year old. Very active, playful little boys. And, I was shocked to learn, they had (loaded) rifles on the wall in two rooms, and a live steel sword leaning up in a corner, unsheathed. She was maybe just flustered but it seemed more like she was irritated when I asked her to put the weapons somewhere my children couldn’t touch them while we were visiting.

We didn’t go back to their house.

Since then, I have always asked, “Do you have any guns or other weapons, and where do you keep them?” If the answer is not secure enough for my liking, we don’t visit. Kids are so quick, and so clever.

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