The dark is rising

When the Dark comes rising, six shall turn it back

Three from the circle, three from the track

Wood, bronze, iron; water, fire, stone

Five will return and one go alone

I am rereading one of my very favorite books, this time to Gilbert, Trixie and Gloria. The first book, Over Sea, Under Stone, is better for the summer, while The Dark Is Rising is set from Midwinter Eve to Twelfth Night, so perfect for Christmas.


These are splendid books, Arthurian in ancestry but set in late 20th century England and Wales. My introduction to them was in fifth grade, which is just about perfect, as the protagonists are about 8 to about 12. I had never read anything quite like them, though they have a feel of Narnia or A Wrinkle In Time. Not much like Harry Potter, which, for all its delightful qualities still feels very much like it is written for children. These books don’t ¬†feel that way at all.

Highly recommended.

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