December 02, 2015 at 12:16PM

Knitting Quine’s modified Milo vest (knit flat til shoulder cast-off then joined in the round with button placket) and reading John Holt and Patrick Farenga’s Teach Your Own. John Holt was the first homeschool theorist I read. (The first book I ever read about homeschooling was Homeschooling for Excellence, by the Colfax family, and it is great too.) But back to John Holt. He just hits it out of the park. “People don’t change their ideas, much less their lives, because someone comes along with a clever argument to show that they’re wrong.” “Private action, however radical and satisfying, only becomes political when it is made known.” “Schools like to say that they create and spread knowledge. It would be closer to the truth to say they collect and hoard knowledge, corner the market on it if they can, so they can sell it at the highest possible price. That’s why they want everyone to believe that only what is learned in school is worth anything.” #homeschooling #unschooling #knitting #milo
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