Friday Roundup March 20 2015


Here’s what caught my eye on the internet this week.

Submarine Cable Map – What it says on the tin, a (beautifully stylized) map of all the oceanic telecommunications cables in the world. These things just sit there under the water, like that extension cord you keep having to poke under the couch to keep the Christmas tree lit up. I love looking behind the curtain at things like this. Reminds me of Cryptonomicon.

What’s it like to be one of the Jeopardy! clue writers? – Billy Wisse is the head clue writer for Jeopardy! (an American quiz show, for those who may not know.) and he has been working on the show in some capacity since 1990. He has seen the show go from paper to digital sources, and, like Wooderson, watch himself get older while the contestants all stay the same age. Trivia is a delicate art, and it’s difficult to be just tough enough given the cultural biases inherent in different generations.

24 Diagrams To Help You Eat Healthier – It’s an infographic bonanza! This is a great find.

The 1979 6-Year-Old: Less Reading, More Range – As a free-range parent, I let my children roam. It’s how I was raised, and the world is safer than it was when I was 6, in 1980.

Kenneth Branagh’s Very Christian Cinderella – I’m pretty excited about this one. No irony, no snark, just straight-up fairy tale.

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