“gunpowder” definitely before “cannon”

Quiet day. It’s snowy, and we’re supposed to get more tonight.

The cold and mud together keep many of my children indoors, which means tabletop games. Or, in this case, carpet games.



There’s Abby offering a consolation handshake to Gilbert, whom she has just trounced at Timeline. Timeline is really fun; you lay down your cards, one per turn, in chronological order on the game’s timeline. So, the barometer, before or after the corkscrew? Agriculture comes before those, but what about the wheel? Xerox copier or transistor radio, which came first? The cards have the date on the back, which you reveal after you guess. Get it right, then you leave it in line. Get it wrong, discard that one and draw a new one. Winner is whoever gets rid of their cards. We only have one set, but there are many variants and expansion sets. The older kids have an advantage but everyone likes it.

Today is higher tech though, because it’s Sunday in Lent and that means it’s a Wii day. So I hear the unsoothing tones of Punch-Out. That Glass Joe, he had it coming.

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