tidy-er, in places

I got a little more done today. Some high-quality fretting about the future, which I managed to squash fairly easily, and I spent a little time in the room we want to use for a kid room – undetermined if it’s going to be the boys or eventually the baby girls. Right now it’s a huge mess, and has been catching all the junk we don’t know where to put. Today I got a lot of cardboard and and paper out of there. Of course, it also made the living room even messier because some shuffled out, but that’s ok.

Now I’m going to make some tomato sauce and boil some pasta.

The kids watched Anastasia on Netflix. They were a bit disappointed to learn that it was untrue. Ah well. Lovely animation though! Faith has been nostalgic andis  rewatching many older animated movies with an eye to indoctrinating the littles. For the nth time we wish Ghibli was streaming!

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