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Clementine will be here this month! Someone I have never met but already she is loved by me, her father, and her seven siblings.

I’m very excited.

Here are her little tiny cloth diapers:

She has a dozen small covers and three dozen preemie prefolds. The covers fit from birth to 18 pounds or so, and the prefolds will start off one per cover, to be doubled as she needs more absorbent diapering. The top covers are made by Blueberry, but kind of hard to find, either the mini Coveralls or the Capri size 1. They are quite roomy and I like them, but they are a bit more costly than the bottom row covers, which are Rumparooz Newborn. I don’t really need any more, but I’ll probably buy a few because they are cute and I am prone to weakness in that area.

Her estimated arrival according to my last menstrual period is March 30th, but she will likely come early like nearly all her siblings. Gloria was the only one to see a due date, being born at 6:30 AM the morning after. All the others were a little early.

Come on, baby! Grow strong!

EDIT: Clementine Octavia was born early in the morning on April 5th, a full week past her due date!

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