Baby blanket and names

I’m knitting a little garter stitch blanket for the new baby. This isn’t the best photo on this gray fall day but I am making progress.

This is the third such blanket I have knit. The first was for Tabitha’s third child, Toly, and the second was for Gloria.

I will know next Wednesday whether I am knitting for a daughter or a son. I am having a hard time with the wait and I wonder how I went without knowing until the birth three times! (Gilbert, Trixie, Gloria)

We have finalized names to call the baby for either sex. We toyed with some names earlier but these are The Names:

Boy: Duncan
Girl: Clementine

I can’t go to the ultrasound without knowing the baby’s name. I know some people say to wait and then you’ll have 50% fewer names to consider but I want to say right then “It’s Clementine! Hi baby!”

We decide on the name the child is called together, but Sean picks middle names and I don’t know what he’s currently thinking over. He sometimes doesn’t know himself until the baby is baptized, or when we register the birth with the state, whichever comes first. He teases me about it too, coming up with ridiculous names, and since he fills out the paperwork I don’t know until it’s final.

He keeps me on my toes.

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