the milk of human itchiness

We just switched family doctors. Our old one wasn’t bad or anything but she’s way over on the other side of town. And so far this new doctor is great! (He looks like he’s 12, but he’s actually my age.) Trixie, Dorothy and I saw him yesterday. He spent almost an hour just talking to us!

He thinks Trixie’s asthma and eczema are both food allergies. I have long thought so, but (because I am a bad mother) did nothing about it but fret and beat myself up because I wasn’t doing anything about it. He thinks if we just cut out dairy, specifically casein, (that’s pronounced kay-seen, not cuh-see-in, if you ever wondered) her eczema will virtually vanish and with any luck her asthma too. Which would be awesome because it’s getting worse as she gets older.

Trixie is less than enthused about this plan. She said, on the way home, “I don’t think I’m allergic to dairy. I think I was just born with asthma and eczema.” I said that she might be right, but we won’t know until we try it. She said, “No, I already know. We don’t need to try.” Today, one of the milkier days chez Glee as we have cold cereal on Saturday morning, she refused even to taste soy milk. I’m going to un-dairy along with her so she won’t be alone, but she is a woman of strong opinions. Sigh. Up next, almond milk.

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  1. I have this fer that Lucy's eczema is a milk allergy. But I know to rule it out I will have to go dairy free for more than a month. And… sigh… I have started noticing just how much dairy I consume and how many of my regular meals have dairy. I just can't quite bring myself to the point of doing it. But I probably should.

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