getting to the point

I can’t draw. Like, at all. Nor do I feel called to learn how to draw. So I really don’t care what kind of pencil I use, if I use a pencil. But I married an artist, and bore him seven children, and quite a few of them are also artists.

And one of them is Very Particular about pencils. And it’s not Bede, or Abby (they don’t care.)

It’s this kid. The bigger one.

Her favorite are Dixon Ticonderogas, but they stopped manufacturing them in the US and the quality has really tanked. Off-center lead, broken lead, etc. Also they put Microban on or in them, which, no. So we’ve been looking for an alternative for quite a while, and I am happy to say she is satisfied with Palomino Prospectors from

A gross of them are on the way. Now to find her a better sharpener, which she also does fuss about…

4 thoughts on “getting to the point

  1. She really just needs some good graphite leads, in a variety of hardnesses, a lead holder and a sharpener. Let me take her to Triangle A&E. Seriously.

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