Roof! Oh, roof!

The addition has a roof and walls! With shingles, and glass windows! Pa Ingalls would be impressed.

It really is coming right along.

We were too sick for Mass this morning. We probably could have gone but we didn’t want to share our germs. Sean went and stood in the back… with Bede, who really, really doesn’t like to miss Mass. A far cry from the boy a year ago who never wanted to go. They went to a closer English Mass, and Sean said Bede was a bit put out by their persistent use of English. Sean said he seemed to think it was all one really long epistle. The second or third time they changed posture, Bede asked “When is it going to be the Latin, Dad?” and sighed when he was told it wasn’t a Latin Mass. Then every time they stood and sat, repeatedly, yet with no Latin, he sighed again. Afterwards he said “I like St. Damien and the Greek and the Latin, Dad.”

(Me too, Bede!)

I wrote this on Google+ but I’ll write it here too: Abby’s assessment was last week. Her official diagnosis is ADHD-PI. That’s a lot of alphabet soup to say Dreamy Creative Writer Girl. (Really Smart Dreamy Creative Writer Girl, actually. Her IQ is quite high. I don’t have numbers until I get the full assessment in the mail.) So that means we’ll be playing to her strengths and compensating for her deficits. I’m re-reading The Edison Gene. Here’s an excerpt.

I sure am tired of our endless low-level illness this winter.

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