Seven months of Dorothy Rose

How big is Dorothy?

Dorothy has two teeth, weighs about 20 pounds, makes an assortment of noises, including pbbbthbtht, goo, bay, hey, buh, dit dah, and mmm. She sits unassisted, drags herself around on her belly but briefly rocks back and forth on knees and elbows, and has been trying to pull herself up to stand, but not quite getting there. She’s very vivacious around her family, not at all around anyone else – she’s not one of those smiley extrovert babies. She likes to eat solid food, especially bananas and banana based goods and of course nurses throughout the day. She sleeps in large chunks at night, with the longest stretch from 1AM to around 8AM, still occasionally waking around 5 or 6. She has the family tendency to an inward turning eye but we’re keeping an eye on it, ha ha. She loves and is loved by her siblings, who compete for her smiles and laughs. 
She is a delightful child. 

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