a day like many others

It’s grey and cold today. The light has that unchanging quality it gets, and I can’t tell what time it is when I look outside. Earlier I was thinking it was later, and now I’m surprised it’s past 3.

This weekend we have a Trip planned. We’re going to Guthrie to visit Mark’s Drugstore, an old-fashioned drugstore with a fountain. This is due to Bede, who asked to go to a drugstore last week. Knowing he couldn’t mean the local CVS, I figured he must mean a drugstore like he’d seen in old cartoons, with a soda fountain and a lunch counter. There is no such thing in Oklahoma City, but I knew there had to be something in historic Guthrie. Guthrie is only a few miles from our new house – we’re between Guthrie and Arcadia.

Because blog posts look nicer with photos, here is Gilbert scrutinizing his pony collection.

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