Christmas morn

So this happened.

Bede got a VIACOM and a SEGA shirt. They continue his collection of logo shirts: he has Warner Brothers, PBS, Nickelodeon, Google, Universal, and Coca-Cola.

Dorothy with her stuffs.

Little girls with ponies and a castle.

Bigger girl with pony.

And other bigger girl with dragon.

Husband and father of a decidedly increased tribe.

Aww, look! He got me a box of ammunition! That’s love.

Gilbert and his LEGO.

Bede got Minecraft magnets, which he is using to spell “Google”.

It’s snowing here. Really coming down.

2 thoughts on “Christmas morn

  1. I almost bought Minecraft magnets but couldn't decide which kid would want them more. I should have just gotten two sets. 😉

    Merry Christmas to all the Glees! 🙂

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