some drama

Four of my children are gone to Christmas Drama Camp this week. 8-5, Monday-Thursday. My house is very quiet and we keep trying to talk to the people who aren’t here. 

Bede deeply wanted to go too, but we don’t have a spare adult to act as his 1-1 aide. Next spring I’ll try to get him set up for the weekly homeschool class at the performing arts center where the kids take drama. Those classes are about two hours once a week, well within our grasp. Although, some of his desire was for a water bottle and lunch bag like the attendees got. And cookies. He woke up with them and got dressed to the shoes, even though he was being told (repeatedly) that he was staying home. “I AM NOT STAYING HOME WITH MOM! I DON’T LIKE STAYING!” He was okay once he was given a bag with a few cookies and told he would get to go in the spring. Poor dude!

He’s just fine now though.


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