the quest for the perfect cloth diaper

I’ve cloth diapered 7 babies now.

I’ve changed over sixty thousand diapers.


I have used almost everything, from pinned flat diapers with wool soakers to fitteds with nylon covers to pockets to prefolds with wraps. My current diaper for the diaper bag, where convenience is more important that cost (since I only need a few), is the bumGenius Elemental.

It’s a one-size fit, which means it adjusts to fit from 7 to 35 pounds. I have my doubts that it will fit my kid at 35 pounds, but I’ll see about that. So far the pros are easy to put on and take off, great fit with no leaky leg gaps, and clean-washing. Cons are drying time. I’ll update in a few months as I use them more.

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