One of the best things I ever did was have children.

And one of the best things I did regarding having children was have these two fifteen months apart. At the time, everyone thought I was crazy (many still do, no doubt!) but I knew it was going to be awesome.

IMG_0108 (Here they are giggling and chattering and discussing things of great import, such as snoring and Adam Young’s hair.)

These two kids are inseparable. They are different, in looks and in interests, and in personality. Abby is reserved, but with a bubbly sense of humor beneath the surface. Faith is a person of deep and outspoken passions, and a total goofball. Together they are a set.

I’m so happy to have them.

One thought on “sisters

  1. T.J. and I are fifteen months apart and I didn't realize for a long time how lucky and unusual it is to have a brother who was (and is) one of my best friends. Yay for close siblings!

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