What I’m doing instead of peeling spuds

I should be making the mashed potatoes. I use Pioneer Woman’s recipe – it’s below – and man are they good. They get made tonight and get plunked in the fridge until tomorrow afternoon, at which point I reheat them. They are amazing mashed potatoes.

But instead I’m, well, now I don’t quite know what I was doing, because since I started this post I’ve been called away from the computer several times. Once to start a child’s shower. Once to end a child’s shower, and dry off said child. Once to discuss with the oldest child exactly how her life is filled with uncertainty and pathos because she has not yet seen the latest episode of Hannah Montana. Answer – it is not, actually thus filled (cf. Haiti, Afghanistan, Korea). Ah but look, now! She is brushing her teeth without reminder! Woohoo!

So I guess I best get hoppin’ on those potatoes.

Here’s the recipe.

2 thoughts on “What I’m doing instead of peeling spuds

  1. I was so full from eating your amazing Thanksgiving leftovers that I completely forgot about the apple pie! Damn.

    It was wonderful to see you and the clan. šŸ™‚

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