still more whinging about internet addiction

I know this is tiresome. Don’t read it if you’re bored with me.

It’s already happening. I went back to Facebook, like, a few days ago and already my brain is fragmented. I can’t handle it. I forget things in the time it takes to walk to another room or to boot a computer. I know some of this is normal and human but there is a striking difference in my abilities.

Also, I’m such an addict, and I don’t use that word lightly. I feel anxious about not using the internet. I get a little happy surge when I do. This is bad.

In just days I went from 20 minutes to a few hours wasted on Facebook and that nefarious new-stuff-bringer, Recommended Items in Google Reader. The sad thing is there is so much good to be had from the internet but I can’t keep the bad away from myself. I haven’t got the will.

I think that’s it then. Do I have the guts to deactivate Facebook entirely? Let’s see.

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