color me impressed

This morning, as the children were cavorting in the living room on their weekly sugar high brought on by the Saturday morning ritual of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs (we only consume cold cereal on Saturdays), the telephone rang. Guess who it was?

It was the Social Security Administration. Calling me. On a Saturday. To tell me that they owed Bede money. And could I come in on Tuesday and fill out some minor paperwork so they could get it to him as soon as possible.

I got up off the floor where I had fallen in shock and replied, “Who is this *really*?” No, actually I said “Really?” or something eloquent to that effect. Yes, really, she said. I needed to document how we’ve spent Bede’s SSI back payments and then she would be delighted to release the remainder to me. She was incredibly apologetic that it had been overlooked and she was unsure as to why that was the case.

Calling me! Owes Bede money!

Did I mention it was Saturday?


5 thoughts on “color me impressed

  1. That's awesome! But I still don't have your phone number (I forgot to save it when you called last time)
    That's the only reason I haven't called. But I want to see you soon!

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