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The miserly Internet usage is going well. I have yet to hit the barrier. Idislike the EZ Timer though – the interface is poorly designed, it’s a real pain to configure and worst of all, it intermittently fails to load. I won’t be purchasing it.

I installed TimeTracker on the kids’ machine instead. It requires me to go over and look at the time and then say “Almost out for the day!” versus relying on a program to do that for me, and I guess there’s nothing stopping the kid from flat-out disobeying me and using the computer when I’m asleep or something, but I hope that won’t be a problem. If it is, I guess I’ll deal with it then. By and large my kids do what I ask them to do, you know?

Sean built that fort for the kids in the backyard, wanna see it? Well, you can’t. Because it’s not quite done and he won’t let me take a picture. But soon!

I’m shrinking! I’ve lost five pounds in three weeks! Go, me! I’m using this great plan called “Eating Less Crap You Don’t Really Want Anyway, Tubby” diet. Woo! My BMI was on the verge of overweight, and (more importantly) my waist-hip ratio was over 0.8, putting me at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease. I don’t want that. I hear it really sucks. So, less of me! Yay!

Homeschool planning continues apace.

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  1. Good on you, losin' so much weight so quickly! I found your pounds…but they don't stand a chance against my “kick my own as* running” regime!

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