Gilbert Gleeson, Sam Wiggle.

Gilbert’s favorite Wiggle is Sam Wiggle. (He is also partial to Greg.)

So I knit him this Sam Wiggle Sweater, which is to say, a taxicab yellow sweater.


He likes it very much!


Better shot of the actual sweater, vs. the boy in the sweater.


Our eyes are the same color, me and Gil.


Look, two little sisters as well!


Sweater pattern is the raglan from The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, which is just an awesome book to have. The yarn is America’s own Peaches & Crème in Number 10, Yellow.

6 thoughts on “Gilbert Gleeson, Sam Wiggle.

  1. Melly, sweaters are easier than socks, by far. This was knit as three tubes, then all three tubes were slid onto one long circular needle, then it was knit up to the neck with simple decreases every other row. Honestly, there's nothing to it. It's possible to knit a great looking rollneck raglan sweater in the round with nothing but knit stitch.

  2. I think I'm going to look at getting that book. By graduating from I mean, “actually finish something that I have on a set of needles :D”. Cause those sweaters are my favorite kind of sweaters and I'd be more likely to make them and/or use them :).

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