heart attack

Gilbert just slid down the stairs. In a laundry basket. And said, as he climbed dazedly out after he crashed into the wall, “I didn’t even get hurted!” I heard the CRASH and came running.

Lord, beer me strength.

4 thoughts on “heart attack

  1. whaaaaa! I bet Gilbert had a blast… the one and only time her’ll be using the laundry basket as a bob sled… hopefully. Maybe the wonderful sledding with dear old dad left a bigger impression on him than previously believed. 🙂 Ahhh kids.

  2. My siblings and I (11 of us) did that all the time growing up. Or we pulled each other down the stairs with sleeping bags :). Hope they had a good time. I am a mom now and I’m sure it would make me bonkers but thankfully I have my own memories I cherish so much that I think I’ll let it slide from time to time 🙂


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