The cat who came for Christmas

This is a cat. She came to our porch and cried, and it was very cold, and we let her in.


Faith immediately fell deeply in love with her. Before she was here ten minutes I knew she would be here for the rest of her life. She lets Gloria lug her about and doesn’t flicker a whisker at Bede moaning and running back and forth.

Her name is Mistyfoot.


Also. I love Sean. I went and told him about the new addition, waking him from a sound sleep in the process.



“Sean, there’s a cat in our kitchen.”


“There’s a cat. In our kitchen. She’s staying.”

“Oh.” Pause. “Do I need to go to the store for anything?”

What a guy.

9 thoughts on “The cat who came for Christmas

  1. Aw… what a sweety! *swoon*

    (You probably know this, but… you should have the vet check to see if she’s got a microchip implant, that might let you track down a previous family. Or if she doesn’t have an implant, you should probably get her one.)

    1. We hope against hope that she doesn’t have a family missing her, but I have been checking lost pet sites, etc. It had not crossed my mind that she might be a cyborg kitty! Sometime this week we will get her checked.

  2. I used to be a cat person. I changed to a dog person and now that I have rescued 6 cats and still have 4 living and in the house I’m a cat person again…. except for my Reno who is actually like a cat…sleeps 23 hours a day HAS to be snuggled under the covers with me…awww if she could prrrr she would be 100% cat.

  3. Whoa!!! Your Mistyfoot looks suspiciously like our Joey who adopted us in Chandler, Oklahoma, more than 10 years ago:

    We believe his is a Norwegian Forest Cat. Alternatively, he might be a Maine Coon. He was an amazing survivor outdoors on his own, but he has adapted well to sleeping all day inside and having food and treats provided to him. If Mistyfoot is anything like Joey, she will be an incredibly well tempered cat.

    More cat posts!

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