food dye: why, again?

We’ve had a rough day. It may be confirmation bias showing to say what I think is the reason why: food coloring. Today, for the first time is a long time, the kids had copious amounts of your friends and mine: FDC Red 40, Blue 1 and Yellows 5 and 6. And Gilbert and Bede were, ah, difficult to parent today.

So there’s that. Or they could be coming down with something. Or maybe they’re just Little Boys 5 and 6.

Ah, Gloria wants to nurse. Perhaps I’ll write more later. Project: Mittens 2009 is coming along nicely, for those playing along at home. I’ll get pictures tomorrow when the light is nicer.

2 thoughts on “food dye: why, again?

  1. my kids go crazy with red dye – like completely bonkers. they turn into evil little people with a desire to seek and ruin any peace within the house. 12 hrs later they are angels.

    (well ok… not angels… but um… not crazy wild angry little beings)

  2. Fee, Seth used to go nuts wiht red dye. I will tell you the story of how i discivered the relationship some other time – just know that i understand.

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