I was on Facebook earlier (I know, shocker) and my friend Jeni posted a link to make your own rice milk. Now, I don’t drink rice milk, I drink cow’s milk, but I have more than a few friends who are allergic to cow’s milk or have children who are allergic so I clicked through and read it.

It went on for quite a while, explaining the link between Monsanto and, well, pretty much anything agricultural, but then diverged a bit into sustainability and introduced me to a new word.


More than this, a move away from Rice Dream rice milk would be in alignment with our family’s goals to become ever more skilled at self-sufficiency. We are working to reskill ourselves (emphasis added) so that we are capable of producing as much of what we need as possible, as our incredibly skilled ancestors did. Reskilling yourself could involve learning to cook, sew, farm, weave, make baskets, do carpentry, preserve foods or even build your own house.

So that’s the word of the day.

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