we sure eat a lot of wheat

Today we baked cookies. Many, many cookies. We’re trying to get away from buying baked goods around here. So far we’ve eliminated storebought bread and my nemesis, Pop Tarts. Up next is cookies, then crackery snacks.

Making 100 cookies with two spoons to scoop up and drop them is a real pain in the neck. I want a cookie scoop like this one. I’d love all three sizes but the middle-size one will suffice.

It’s crazy how much flour we go through with this though. When we first started about a month ago I thought that bulk flour was a bad idea for us. “How could we use fifty pounds of flour before it went bad?” I wondered. Well. Very easily, as it turns out. We use five pounds in a week on bread alone, and we aren’t up to full baking capacity yet. (We eat a loaf to a loaf and a half of bread a day on average.) By the time I’m doing all the baking it will be between seven and ten pounds a week, I’m thinking.

I have two choices: organic or local. Well, I guess I have three – also nonlocal nonorganic, but that’s not in the running. I’m leaning towards local. I’m going to call them tomorrow and get prices for their bulk flour.

6 thoughts on “we sure eat a lot of wheat

  1. LOL, if I could buy 50 pounds of flour at a time, I would! I regularly fill our big bin with 10 pounds of flour, and it’s gone within a month and a half – and we don’t bake bread with it. (For that, I buy bread flour, but we’re not big bread bakers atm.)

    Oats, now, we buy oats in 50 pound bulk, and, come to think of it, we really ought to start buying brown rice in bulk as well.

  2. I have one of those scooper thingies and I love it. (Not an Oxo, but I’m okay with that. 😉 I use it for meatballs and it’s perfect for the mini-muffin pan as well.

  3. i got a cute cookie scoop at Bed Bath & Beyond that is plastic with a soft center to make pushing out the dough ball easier. The dough is around a tablespoon, though. Maybe not big enough for your needs but it was pretty inexpensive.

    Also, maybe a silly question–but how do you slice your bread? I’ve made bread at home before but the slices I can manage to slice out are so huge.

  4. I lover my Pampered Chef scoops! They revolutionized cookie baking for me. I used to hate baking cookies because of the whole spoon thing. Now, I don’t think a thing about whipping out cookies nearly every day.

    And the flour thing. I bake a lot of bread in the winter and I hear you!

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