Today the bathroom pipe was clogged in such a way that the entire system was backed up: sink, tub, and most importantly, toilet. We have one bathroom for eight people,  so it’s more than just an inconvenience. Sean fixed it.

Sean also had a job interview today, wow! I am simultaneously excited and filled with dread at the idea of Sean working fulltime outside the house. On the one hand: money. On the other hand: no husband. Bede, Gilbert, Trixie and Gloria have never had a daddy who leaves every day. But interviews aren’t job offers, so I’m trying not to be anxious. Much.

Oh would you look at that, the pizza is ready.

5 thoughts on “gosh

  1. After a couple of months, we’re finally getting used to having a daddy who leaves every day instead of a flexible grad student daddy. I think the kids adjusted faster than I did (okay, I’m still trying to adjust). Still, there’s that whole paycheck upside thing with all the health insurance and second bathrooms that come with it.

  2. *hugs* I would feel the same way if my Sean went to work outside the house.

    hope it all works out.

    speaking of one bathroom, we only have one bath for 5 of us – it works out fine. why do people have so many bathrooms, anyhow? hmmm…

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