Vaccination plans

No, not pig flu. Very unlikely to get that one. The other lot.

We selectively vaccinate on a very delayed schedule. We don’t start til seven at the earliest, for one thing, and we don’t get any that the kids could just as easily decide to get for themselves later. That gives us DTaP, inactivated polio, MMR, and varicella. I’m really hesitant to get the MMR vaccine (specifically the rubella component) and the varicella vaccine because both are human fetal cell vaccines, so I’ll keep waiting on those, but I need to get the other two for the >7 Glees.

Finding a doctor in the Oklahoma City metro who

a.) takes our poor people insurance and
b.) is accepting new patients and
c.) won’t harrass me for our vaccine choices

is turnng out to be damn near impossible. We have been going to the family practice we were defaulted to when our old doc closed shop a few years ago and we have never seen the same doctor twice. It’s the training clinic for the Resident-O-Matic of Saint Anthony’s Hospital here and the physicians are uniformly young, pleasant, and, well, inexperienced, I guess is a nice way to put it. And I don’t mind that, honestly, but between that and never getting to establish a history with the same doctor I’m tired of it and I want to go somewhere else. Which is turning out to be difficult, QED.

More phone calls tomorrow, I expect.

2 thoughts on “Vaccination plans

  1. I used to take Jonathan there when he was little. He had ear infection after ear infection and I would see one doc who said if he gets another one I’m putting tubes in to stop this, then in 2 weeks when he got another we saw another doc who wouldn’t….sigh
    I understand completely.
    You know I don’t even know what shots the kids have had now. After the Jaden 50 shots at once thing and the problems he had to be delayed and it really made me open my eyes about vaccines that I thought you just *had* to do.

  2. PS I don’t know how the human fetal cell things work, but do they or can they use them from miscarried fetus?
    I’m just asking because I had my miscarried baby taken out at the hospital and I would like to think something good came from that, but I never asked anything (was still in shock I guess)

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