Bede’s speech: October edition

Y’all liked these last time, so, here’s a few more.

Upon seeing one plate of regular and one of silver dollar:
Uppercase pancakes and lowercase pancakes!

Watching me wind yarn with a ball winder:
It’s zoetrope on your yarn!

Climbing a wrought-iron spiral staircase:
Bede! Climbing on your DNA!

After writing his name in the style and colors of Google:
BedeGleeson! Advanced Search! Language TOOOOOLS!

9 thoughts on “Bede’s speech: October edition

  1. Some of this is absurdly clever. He may well have a career ahead of him as an author in the style of Pterry or Doug Adams. Maybe Jasper Fforde. (What IS it with British authors???)

  2. You know I LOVE these. My current favorite, however, is at the movie when it was so loud: “You want some turn it down?”

    Sweetie, don’t we all want some turn it down from time to time.

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