Bede’s speech

Aside from occasional appropriate use of I and my, Bede’s pronouns are always reversed, and his language is pretty weird. He’s internally consistent though, and he tries so very hard to communicate with us – as we try to communicate with him. Here are some recent dispatches.

Requesting grape jam on his toast:
Grape jelly your jam?

Can’t find his DVD remote:
You want find it your remote?

How I’m awakened each morning:
Wake up Mama! Open my eyes!

Dismay at Trixie’s refusal to wear a certain sweater:
Trixie wear it ON the yarn shirt!

Plaintive request:
You want it pbskids dot org on your Mama’s Dell?

Seeking kitchen entry:
You want go kitchen? Okaysure, I get you go kitchen!

Asking for ten small pieces of yarn:
You want cut with your ten yarn?

He usually gets his point across, and he’s pretty patient for a complicated Gallifreyan boy. Love him so!

3 thoughts on “Bede’s speech

  1. Aaron had his “me” and “you” reversed for what seemed like forever. I remember when we bought our van I had heard “You want to touch the baby’s eyes!” followed by “AAAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!” about six thousand too many times over the previous four months. I had one question. I installed the car seats and buckled the kids in before the test drive. “Aaron, can you reach your baby brother?” “No? Are you sure? Stretch as far as you can! Try really hard!! Can you reach him? No? Not at all?” “We’ll take it.”

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