ICE AGE: a desperate plea

My oldest son, Bede, has developed a deep and abiding passion for all things ICE AGE MOVIE. Most super especially SCRAT, the little acorn-obsessed squirrel. Bede is 6 and a half years old and is autistic, and has *never* had this sort of reaction to anything traditionally child-oriented. (His usual thing is fonts and type design.) I am also excited about this because he wants to wear clothes with ICE AGE themes and he does not usually want to wear clothes at all. (He has been naked 90% of the time for the last 3 years. No kidding!)

We are Very Very Poor. We own both movies on DVD. BUT. If anyone has any ICE AGE stuffs they want to get rid of I would love to have it. Any toys, from Happy Meal on up, any clothes (adult sizes fine too), any books… anything! I can’t pay you a single cent because I don’t have it.

A million thanks in advance. I can be reached here or at

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8 thoughts on “ICE AGE: a desperate plea

  1. At some point we recorded the first and second movies from TV and burned them to DVDs for watching on long car trips. I would have to dig for them but I can make you copies if you want the actual movies. We don’t own any merchandise or clothes.

    1. We have both of the movies – they were what inspired his love. I will clarify that in my post. Thank you for the offer!

  2. that’s awesome! if I run cross anything Ice age I will send it your way. (I don’t shop much… but maybe I’ll see it at a yardsale or something. shopping at anything but yardsales is not a big option in our budget right now. plus i HATE shopping more than I hate shaving)

  3. I am hitting up the 1/2 price presale for the JBF consignment sale tomorrow. I’ll see if I can find anything for you!

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